Salem Wax Museum

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The Orginial Salem Wax Museum

This compelling museum is composed of eerily life-like London made wax figures that depict Salem's vivid history from its founding in 1626 through the terrifying Hysteria of 1692. Come face to face with such notable Salem figures as the famed author of The Scarlet Letter and The House of Seven Gables - Nathaniel Hawthorne, the pirates of New England, the merciless Witch Trials judge Colonel John Hawthorne, and Tituba the accused " witch " who helped fuel the hysteria of 1692 - just to name a few!

The Salem Wax Museum boasts the largest museum gift shop in the area! From ships in bottles to ships for mantles, maritime gifts and New England confectionaries as well as books, curios and a variety of T-shirts.

Behind the Wax Museum building is the Old Burial Point, reputed to be the second oldest burial ground in the country and open to visitors. Interred within are some of the notables of Salem's history including some of those featured in our Wax Museum collection! Adjacent to the Old Burying Point is the Witch Trials Memorial erected in memory of the victims of the Hysteria of 1692, also open to visitors.

Handicapped Access: The Salem Wax Museum and the Salem Witch Village both provide handicapped access.

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