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The Haunted Neighborhood hosts the longest-running and best-value walking tour in Salem, MA - The Candlelit Ghostly Walking Tour and the most unique live experience, Within a Witch Hour Spellcasting.

Candlelit Ghostly Walking Tour


  • Price: $15 adults / $10 youth & seniors
  • Hours: 7 pm nightly, based on tour-guide availability 


  • Price: $20 adults / $15 youth & seniors
  • Hours: 12 pm, tours run every hour until close (approx. 10 pm).

This hour walk through the streets of Historic Salem takes you to many of our most haunted houses and locations. This tour discusses the history of the building as well as the different accounts of spirit activity. The tour guide will advise you on the best methods of ghost photography as well as the different types of spectral evidence that appear on people's home photography. Some highlights of our tour are the Joshua Ward House, the Howard St. Cemetery and Old Salem Prison, and the Lyceum.

Limited availability online (check below), but tickets can be purchased in person at the Salem Wax Museum or Salem Witch Village's Haunted Neighborhood the day of the tour starting at 10am. 

Within a Witching Hour Spellcasting

Price: $12 adults / $10 youth & seniors

Hours: Open in October only from 12 pm - approximately 10 pm 

Presentations of The Within a Witching Hour Spellcasting will be reopening in October. Tickets are not available in advance and must be purchased in person.

A live spell casting presentation by a practicing witch will take you through the steps of a ritual circle creating a sacred space, magical workings, and releasing your spells. Multiple attraction discounts in the Haunted Neighborhood.