Collection: Year Round Tickets

Tickets are available all year for the Salem Wax Museum and Salem Witch Village. You may purchase online from the admission options below or in person at either location.

If you are visiting in October? Then, go to this page for tickets. 

During October, the dead-end street where the museums are located transforms into The Haunted Neighborhood and includes a total of 7 attractions: Salem Wax Museum, Salem Witch Village, Haunted Witch Village, Frankenstein's Castle, *Within The Witching Hour Spellcasting, *Witches and Seafarers Walking Tour and the *Candlelit Ghostly Walking Tour. Click here to purchaseFor attraction descriptions, view our 2023 booklet.

*Tickets for these attraction are have limited availability online, more options are available in person, on the day of the tour, starting at 10 am.

Tickets are non-refundable, please note things to consider before you purchase. 

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