Summer and October Attractions

The Salem Wax Museum and The Salem Witch Village are sister attractions in Salem, MA that provide expended history and entertainment during the summers and in October, as part of the world-famous epicenter of Halloween, "Haunted Happenings". The Salem Wax Museum celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2023, read more. 

Both are located on a dead-end street across from the Peabody Essex Museum and adjacent to the Tricentennial Witch Trials Memorial and The Charter Street Old Burying Point – reputed to be the 2nd oldest burial ground in the country. Interred within are some of the notable of Salem’s History including “The Hanging Judge” John Hathorne.

During October, the dead-end street they are located on is called The Haunted Neighborhood. It has seven attractions and is open daily with extended hours. Discounted combination passes are available for the seven attractions. Three of those attractions are guided tours or presentations in partnership with Burying Point Productions, home of a new blackbox theater in 2024. 

Summer and October Attractions

Salem Wax Museum
Salem's original wax museum for over 30 years, this self-guided, open gallery depicts Salem's history from seafarers to the witch trials. It includes the 14-foot-tall Witch Trial Memorial Statue. Gift shop with free gravestone rubbings. 

Salem Witch Village
A mystical audio-guided journey, separating myths and reality of witchcraft. For the answers and truth behind the legends, make this your first stop while in Salem! Gift shop with pagan and Wiccan supplies and gifts. 

Haunted Witch Village
The longest-running haunted house in Salem brings the Salem Witch Village to life with live actors aimed to scare ! Open weekends in October. 

Frankenstein’s Castle
It was voted Salem’s best haunted house. Step into the wax museum’s dark dungeon and witness the horrors of Dr. Frankenstein. The live actors and animatronics aim to scare. Open June-October. Combination, AAA, group tickets available.

Candlelit Ghostly Walking Tour in partnership with Burying Point Productions
The longest-running walking tour in Salem. On this hour-long stroll, you will light your path, lantern in hand, and listen to tales of Salem’s famous hauntings and histories. 

Live Spellcasting: Within The Witching Hour in partnership with Burying Point Productions
Enter Burying Point Productions’ all-new black box theater and experience an interactive spellcasting ritual with a modern-day practicing witch. Learn the steps and practices of a ritual casting circle, where you will be able to cast your very own spell. Open summer and October.

Witches and Seafarers Walking Tour in partnership with Burying Point Productions
Provided by local historians throughout downtown Salem. Learn about cauldrons to captains as you immerse yourself in Salem's past and navigate through centuries of witchcraft, merchant opulence, and seafaring tales.